We purchased this freezer (Maytag Model MZF34X16DW) from a local Home Depot store. We were told that it could be returned within 48 hours if there were any problem. The freezer was delivered and we were unloading the instruction book, etc from the inside when my husband discovered there was a problem with the door seal. We contacted Home Depot right away.

Days later and many phone calls to Home Depot and the Maytag service center they finally agreed to pick up the defective freezer. Home Depot asked if the delivery team inspected a replacement thoroughly would we accept a new one and we agreed to do that. A few hours later we receive a call from Home Depot stating that Maytag would not send out another freezer that the old one would have to be returned and we would have to wait for a refund and then if we want another freezer we have to go back to Home Depot and buy another. We have since located numerous complaints online about the same problem with this freezer. We are taking the fact that Maytag is not going to issue a replacement for the defective one as a good thing.

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