I bought my 2007 Mazdaspeed 6 to two different dealerships here in the Denver metro area (Lakewood and Groove) and both times got terrible service. My car has had issues with "bucking" in the rpm range of 3000-4000. I also asked for an oil change at both. The first dealership, Lakewood, let my car sit for 32 days and did nothing, even forgot my oil change. After that experience I took my car to Groove which supossedly found my issue then replaced a $1,000 part which did not fix my problem, and claimed they changed my oil. As I was leaving the dealership I checked the oil dipstick and found my oil was still dirty after being assured it was changed. On top of this my driver side window was broken and off track when no work involved anything to do with my window or doors. I was given excuses but still charged for all services. The techs and management there were rude and indignant about my obvious frustration and I was told the GM no longer wanted me to come to that location for service on my car. Neither dealership was able to fix my issue but I have been inconvenienced and charged for services which left my car in worse shape then when I brought it in. This is unacceptable as I was under the impression that dealerships are more expensive as they have the knowledge and tools to work on and fix MAZDA vehicles.

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