I ordered, southwest salad and a large sweet tea at Beltline McDonalds in Decatur, AL. The cost was $6.75. I gave the cashier a $5, $1 and 75 cents. While waiting for her to take my money, I smoothed out the bills, and made sure the heads were facing in the same direction. She first tried to give me back some change, I told her I gave her the correct change. Then she said I gave her 2 $1 bills and 75 cents. I told her I gave her a $5. She said she only had 1 $5 in the register. To make this shorter, I then gave her another $5, but after thinking about it I asked for the manager. He said she was correct, but they could count the register. I said please do.

After a considerable amount of time, he came and said the register was $1 under. I asked to see the tab, it was $1 and 70-80 cents under. I said just give me my money, I will leave. He told me I had wasted everyone's time as well as the customers behind me. I am an older lady who just left church, I have NEVER tried to cheat anyone.in the past, I have gotten home and realized that I was given too much money back and promptly got into my car and returned it. More than a few times! I am a Christian and feel I am a witness for the Lord, but not perfect! But I still cannot accept that I didn't give the right money. I truly go to McDonalds several times a week, but I will have to reconsider it from now on. I think it would benefit the young manager to learn some manners and the cashier how to count. Thank you for your time.

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