I wasn't to happy with the macdonalds in lakewood Colorado off colfax one mourning. A lady denied me rudely sugar and creamer simply because I had no money to buy a meal. I wish I had money to buy a meal at that time but I didn't, my only thought to her and her company was, "What if I come in next week and spend 30-50 bucks?" Are they going to continue having that attitude? I'm a homeless girl, it's obvious, but i'm cute and I have no drinking problems. I usually show people respect and I don't complain but this was totally rude for 7:30 am on a Monday. I don't care if it's a policy or not sugar, creamer, ranch, etc. Should be customer items payed for by macondalds. I could understand if I was asking for a free coke and egg macmufin but I wasn't. A simple request is not asking the world. I'm sure if I came back in heels and make up they would treat me like a queen. But if that ever does happen i'll be sure not to buy from that particular shift. I never had a problem with the second shift at this location but those mounring girls have the most selective attitudes on who they treat right and who they don't and just because someone is strapped for cash doesn't give them the right to act like they are above that certain customer.

Besides they work at macdonalds. Yes it's hard work but I think my goals personally are set for something that will actually challenge my brain.

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