I'm a customer that's where I start!!! What's sad a hugely successful business only thrives off of half ass cheap food and cares ZERO When it comes to customer service… Where does th I s start? There ceo!!! Why can't I contact him because as customers LITTLE PEOPLE we may send to many emails ma king his day go long! Well I spend mone and time but when u run out if a item or a machine breaks down like a sundae or fabriccino why can't u put a sign in the drive thru so I can turn away versus listen to some dumb ass say we don't have that when I reply what do u mean u don't have that oh machine broke down. First teach your employees how to communicate! What are u going to make excuses cause there young!!! Put a dam sign in the drive thru so i don't waste my time going thru it or listening to some dunbass lie and say there is a sign when i reply when it's a big lie!!! Yes you ceo thank you for the continue decline in america of customer service because that's you accept… Which makes you more sad than the dunbass that can't communicate or the even more dunbass supervisor that u employ… I also am a supervisor and there faults fall on me so i carrenty i strive for better not just for my results but to bring out there best!!!

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