McDonald's location sawmill rd Columbus, Ohio w/playground.
27 Degrees today

Arrived about 7:30am with children. 3 orders of hot cakes & sausage received in timely fashion. It was only a few steps from our car to the door. The Lobby was so cold my kids (3 yr old twins and 9 yr old) were shaking. Was in hopes playground would be warmer since it is away from drive thru window but it was even worse. My kids nose were running and they were shaking literally in less than 10 min we were there. Looked around every customer was wearing their coats eating and every employee had a coat on working behind the counter. When I returned for a bag to take our food to go and asked about the heat the manager told me it takes awhile for the place to warm up.

It's been 40 degrees or less the last 2 weeks. When is it going to warm up McDonalds?

Why do you force your customers to freeze while they come in to you establishment to eat?

Why do you provide such a freezing cold environment for your employees?

Do you really only care about the profit and not the wellbeing of customers and employees?

This location is in a somewhat high income area as well, no reason to skimp on the heat. This is a rarity for my kids to even eat McDonalds, they were so cold they said they don't wanna come back not even just for the pancakes and playground.

We will be driving past now to warmer establishments for both customers and employees.

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