Using the drive-up or going inside to order, at least 50% of the time what I order is not correct or it is presented in a bag where an order with light mayo is all over the inside of the wrapper or the inside of the bag. It doesn't do any good to complain to the management. They look at you like you are a fool for expecting the food to be presented in a reasonably manner so you can eat it without having to come back and explain to them the order is not correct or it has been packaged in a less than satisfactory manner.

The management at the Page Avenue McDonalds doesn't seem to care. Frankly the place is a joke. As of today I will drive the extra 10 miles round trip to the Michigan Avenue McDonalds where they present their products in a very quick manner, don't screw up the orders, and present it an editable manner in-stead of smeared all over the inside of a wrapper or a bag.

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