I was a Mediacom cable TV client for 3 weeks. I switched from Direct TV because a Medicom Salesman said he could combine my Internet, Which is $65 and Cable TV all for the low price of $90 per month for the first year, then only $103 and $109 for the 2nd and third year. They installed on 10/22/2015 and everything was fine. The first bill arrived and was a total $279. I was very surprised. The billing was obviously wrong. It took over 8 phone calls and my bill still wasn't correct. Basically the Salesman and every Customer service rep lied to me or didn't or couldn't tell me the truth. I disconnected and went back to Direct TV because they have good service. The final straw was when I discovered they were charging me for my cable modem, and have been for over 3 years. To their credit it was on each monthly bill, however i missed it. They would only credit one month of the over billing of $5. Keep in mind that the overbilling has been going on for 3 years or at least $180. The CSR would not escalate the call to a supervisor and simply told me to go stand in line at the local mediacom office. Mediacom is simply terrible, one of the worst experience ever. Once i have another option for Internet I will be rid of them forever! Feel free to call me.

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