At the urging of my "friend" who had lost over 90 pounds, I placed an order. I was told that I needed to STOP exercising in order for this to "work properly!" Here are my experiences (in no certain order): I had an allergic reaction to several of the "foods!" (And I use the term "food" loosely.) I became weak and continually nauseated for more than two weeks. The "food" tastes like cardboard and is NOT healthy because it is full of additives and preservatives.

Weight loss is NOT about dieting. Weight loss is about EXERCISE and EATING HEALTHY foods in HEALTHY serving sizes. If a "diet" tells you to STOP exercising, it is because it is a "starvation" diet. The TSFL program is 550 calories on the "plan" plus on "Lean and Green" meal PER DAY bringing your total to about 1200 calories. This is DANGEROUS if you are diabetic and exercising.

This plan is NOT healthy. TSFL is a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) plan to help those at the top make money. Each month's worth of food will cost you $320 or more. You can do a lot better (and healthier) by shopping at your local grocery store for natural, good tasting, and health food choices. Listening to my "friend" entice others into the program was disgusting. She would literally embellish the truth about the plan. This was the final straw in my quest to "set the record straight!" I am sure this posting will be lambasted by those at the top of the pyramid, but I really do not care! The TRUTH will out…

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