I have been contacting Merrill-Lynch all week, by phone, fax and email and no response. I paid the majority of the money into the 401k, not the company, and by law I am entitled to that money. I have a 401k with Merrill-Lynch, from Teletech. I no longer work for the company and am trying to roll over my 401k to an IRA. Myself and the new company's financial advisor have contacted the ML phone # provided at least once a week for three weeks now and have faxed the spousal consent form four times and still every time I am being told it wasn't received. And the form just states I am single, and always been single. Fax machine states ok, verified phone # and now I am out 2 hrs. Worth of pay in fax fees and still ML claiming form not received. Is my next action a lawyer? Do I really need to take ML to court because they cannot find a form? To me that is ridiculous but so is this runaround I am getting every time I call.

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