A month ago we purchased the one year virus removal/help for Microsoft products for $149. My daughter's computer had a virus. They remotely accessed it, and I watched as they occasionally worked on it over a period of 2-3 hours. They downloaded freeware from the web and ran it to get rid of the virus – something I could have done myself. Computer seemed to work, so after a long evening of making sure I was constantly available for them, we hung up. The next day, she turned it on and it had worse problems. I made other arrangements to have it repaired, then called to request a refund. It took quite awhile on the phone, as the rep tried to tell me I hadn't purchased anything because he couldn't find my account. He told me to wait for my credit card statement and I would see there was no charge. But I pulled up my statement online and told him it already showed on there. After a long time, he finally located my account, and promised the refund. Told me I'd receive an email confirming it in 3-5 business days. I completely forgot about this until my bill arrived and I realized I'd never received the refund. Called back in, 19 days after being told I'd get a refund, and it took me over an hour to reach an appropriate person to deal with my issue. And all he said was that sometimes it takes 20-30 days for the refund to go through, so I should wait longer. He said he showed they had issued it. He gave me a new case number, and when I expressed concern that I would once again have to spend an hour to get to the right person when I called back, he said that I could just request a level 3 person right away and go straight to them. Of course, no refund came in. I waited 10 more days, then called again. Told the level 1 person who answered that I was to be transferred to level 3 directly. He said he can't do that – has to send me to accounting because it's a refund issue. Told him that's where I was sent last time and they said they don't handle this particular type of refund. Rep was insistent and I was too, but she said she wasn't able to do anything else. Asked for a supervisor, but was told it would be 30 min. Wait. So I let her transfer me to accounts. MISTAKE! Thought I reached someone there who understood the issue. At least she spoke English without an accent and didn't constantly tell me "I know how are you feeling". Thought I had it made. Said she'd transfer me to Level 3. But she transferred me to Level 2 instead. Explained my issue for the 3rd time, waited for him to look it up, and then he said Level 3 has to handle it because it's already their case. Told him I knew that and had been asking for that all along. He put me on hold to get a level 3 person, then came back after awhile saying level 3 people told him to handle it himself. They didn't want to. So finally, he was starting a process to issue me a refund. He put me on hold, and suddenly my call was picked up by a level 1 person as if it were a new call. Explained all over AGAIN! He sent me back up to Level 2, but that person couldn't do anything because the other one was already working on my case. Put me on hold for a while, then came back and said the guy I needed was on the phone, but would call me within half an hour. Of course, he never called. That took about 75 minutes – all for nothing! Finally got the idea to call my credit card company and dispute the charge – got that set up with them in less than 10 minutes, no hassle! Microsoft Answer Desk has the WORST customer service I have ever encountered!!!

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