I've been on the line with support for over 3 hours now with one simple request: I need a download link for Visio 2013 Standard. The site to download the link will not work. I have been transferred between 3 different departments repeatedly and all three have hung up on me at least once. I paid $250 for a license key card and just want the download. Why is that so hard to honor? One support rep even had the nerve to tell me I'd have to pay for premium support at $499 plus tax to get help with getting a download link! Why would I pay $499 for help downloading a product that I paid $250 for? I tried reaching out on chat, phone call, and Twitter. I can see the account on Twitter responding to other people, but they are ignoring me even with multiple attempts to get their attention. This company is a joke. They are trying to scam me out of $700 for one license! Are you crazy? I wish I had some legal way to get them to give me WHAT I PAID FOR!

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