Okay, so today I spent several hours trying to resolve an issue, which most people would think is an easy fix. But nope. Turns out even the simplest of fixes is a nightmarish travesty. Everything they suggested I do to fix the issue is what the console tells you to try. To humor them, I did it for the 5th time at that point, to see if some freak miracle would happen. But no. Nothing happened. Then, after cycling with all the other issues the problem could be (The bank having a lock on my credit card (DOES NOT APPLY TO THE SITUATION) Weather I am able to make purchases on my PC (DOES NOT APPLY TO THE SITUATION) and a multitude of other stuff, where when they run out of that, they suggest trying the first thing ALL OVER AGAIN. Would rather urinate glass than go through the assistance of Microsofts Customer service again.

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