This is horrible I'v been stuck in a loop unable to log on to business account since 2pm and then on the phone with them since 2:30 transferring from person to person with no end in sight but I'm also off work with out completing one single thing I needed to do today all thanks to microsoft. I try to log into the account and oit say account is already in use well duh its a business account its always in use on different computers. Tech support cant help me their icloud 360 account cant help me their BILLING cant help me if you can believe they transfered me there too and back around again. It's nearly 4 and I am still online line not to mention if you don't understand what they are saying then then talk to you with a ton to their voice like they think your stupid when they are the ones whom no one can fix an issue with there products I could rant and rave all day about this ridiculousness!!

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