Twice I had free contact w / Answer Desk about why Windows 10 was displayed in the header bar of my computer (as Windows 7). I asked for a link for a screen share.instead, she provided a link to discussion about headers in Word documents. She insisted that is what I wanted, even when I told her it was not. I told the second rep I contacted about my first experience. He boasted, "I'm the best we have." If so, they're a sorry lot. We did set up a screen share. His only response later in my input was "What was the issue?" After that, nothing. It is said that you get what you pay for. If so, I did. I downloaded a free upgrade to Windows 10. (I question accuracy of computer program written so that doesn't seem to have a firm grasp on its identity.) What little I've been exposed to the working w / Windows 10 seems needlessly layered, complicated, & incomplete.

Free access to Answer Desk was bundled w / the Windows 10 download. May go back to Windows 7. At least it's been around long enough to work even Microsoft's truth I run Windows in a Parallel's virtual machine on my Apple MacBook Pro. At least Apple's products seem to me to be much closer to end-user ready at roll out.

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