Initially, their work seemed to be fine but I still have the need for Mid-Atlantic to come and look at some issues. Four days ago, when we had the big rain, the water was bleeding up in the bathroom area where they did the work and also there’s water on the outside walls. They always send someone not ready to work but to just come and see what's going on, and I don’t get a follow-up call after that, so I'm very disappointed. The water went away but I'm concerned about that because they did put the pipes in the bathroom as well, and they did put the pipes outside and there's constant water. And they need to address that and they're not doing a good job about that.

Every time I talk, they try to talk me out of it and I don’t know why. But they send people to dig up and they needed to bury the waterlines. They put half in my yard and the water was all over, flooding the yard. So when I asked them to come and do the digging, first, they said they have to charge me again. Second time, I said, “Fine, ” and they sent me someone without the materials. The guy comes and says, “I don’t have enough pipes.” So then I said, “Okay. You forget it, ” and I went and got a different person to dig up the ground, and I bought the pipes and I did the work until it's done.

When they go to a consumer’s house, they should educate the consumer about these things – what is going to happen afterwards. Not just anything, “your basement is going to be dry", which is true. It is dry but then the things that they do afterwards… Then they tried to get me to sign the contract before the work was all finished. The first day, it was all finished but the cleanup wasn’t done, so I told them “I'm not going to sign it until you come and clean everything up, ” which they did.

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