I paid a £250 deposit in july 2015 for a new scomadi scooter which i was told would be delivered to them on the 1st week of october. I received no receipt of sale or a single email at all and when a colleague rang in october to see what was happening with my scooter he was told it would now be november as the black ones were very in demand and had all been sold. After some deliberation and speaking to another dealer i decided to go with them instead. I spoke to a guy at msc about the return of my deposit and was told as they were at fault they would refund my deposit straight away. Once they knew i was cancelling and going with another dealer they then changed their minds and said i had to wait until my scooter had been re sold. As it costs them money. On calling again i was given a few excuses none of which tied up and now in second week of november ive still heard nothing from them even though ive took legal advice and complained in writing. They are simply miffed as they lost a sale due to their own negligence and customer relation skills. I am still unfortunately £250 out of pocket. With christmas drawing closer. Id advise anybody who reads this to take note.

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