We purchased around 16 windows and 4 sliders from a local small window company. They were all for our new house, therefore new construction windows, Tuscany series. All windows and doors arrived in one shipment on the day they were supposed to come. All screens were there. Everything was well packaged, no scratches. Every window fit the opening it was meant to fill, so that was huge and a nice experience.

4 1/2 years into this I will say: I don't think those windows are very tight. Air and very fine dirt find its way in and I don't like it. Besides the inside runners carry water when it rains. Why is that? When water comes in, so can cold/hot air and dust. And I just saw that we are starting to have mold in-between the panels along the sealants! We replaced windows on a house in FL near the beach, those were Simonton Windows – now that are windows, they were awesome! No noise, water, air, dust… Great locking mechanism… Very, very good windows. Milgard – not so much. It's not even been 5 years!

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