2010 Mini Cooper – Had been wanting the car for quite some time. Bought a used one in Nov 2013. Had one previous owner and low mileage. Approximately 25K. Four months later in Feb 2014 had to change thermostat. Thank goodness it was under warranty. It was downhill from there.in Oct 2014 had a needed oil power flush to the tune of $165. Dec 2014 brakes and rotors needed replacement, yet no warning ever came on, $1300. Jan 2015 ignition coil $700. April 2015 valve cover gasket $600.

Sept 2015 thermostat replaced again as well as defective tire sensors $700. Nov 2015 took in for oil change to find out radiator hose has detached, oxygen sensor not working, and engine vacuum pump is leaking oil. Got all but engine vacuum for lack of cash for $500. And still have to take back for engine vacuum for another $600.in almost two years I've spent close to $5000 in repairs plus regular maintenance and oil changes. With what else to come. Seems like the cars weren't built for longevity.

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