The car was bought used 2010 50K miles and about a yr later the trans took a dump. Class action lawsuit proved BMW America rushed the car to market with the design flaw. BMW America failed to tell the dealers they were selling cars to the consumers with a design flaw of the cvt trans. The 2nd trans failed 19K miles later. Irvine Mini replaced it again, waiting for the next failure. Class action forced BMW America to warranty the junk trans for 8Yrs. And 150K miles:) Moral of the story Never buy BMW products again!!!

Just bought TWO Toyota Prius-C models for my daughter to use at college and myself for work. 50MPG and loving it. GM same Junk. They sold us a 2014 Cruze with a recall and then said "we don't have the axle to replace yours that has a crack." It met all three criteria for the forced buyback:) GM had the nerve to try and get us to eat 10K mileage deduct which would have been a 2K deduct in our monies returned. Dave in Mission Viejo, CA very good Lemon law Attorney.

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