I am udderly shocked at the horrible customer service. I am the sender and canceled two transactions. I was given reference #s by a rep to pick my money up at any location. Then i get to the store and they tell me i cannot pick up my money in Ca. I live in CA and sent my money the state. I called the 800 # only to be treated so horribly that i actually thought that money gram might be terrorists and identity theft. This rep was absolutely unbelievable. After numerous calls i was told i had to wait to get my refund 3-10 business days back to my credit card not the store. When asking to speak to a supervisor they will not let you they will then taunt you on the phone. I have contacted BBB and have shared this experience because if MoneyGram thinks they would save money by having international customer service they have thought wrong. The way we are being treated is absolutely unreal. I just got off the phone and was told to dispute this transaction with my bank lol. How is it possible to dispute this with my bank when they haven't even refunded it. Then i was hung up on. Where is it ever ok to hang up on a customer. Im still waiting for my refund and the 10th business day was on the 11th of Nov 2015

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