I sent $40 to my relatives in Mexico and was told by the cashier at a local Walmart that the finds would be available for pick up in 10 mins. My relative went this afternoon almost 24 hours of when the funds were sent and was told that there was no such confirmation number. I called the 1800 and was told my transfer was under review and MG verified my DL number and other info and said the funds were now released. My relative went back and again the transfer was not found so I called MG 1800 and was told the funds were available at a Walmart in Mexico and no other store so I asked to cancel the transfer so I would be able to send them using another system. The funds were cancelled and put back to my name but when I got to Walmart I was told that the funds were not available so I called MG and again the funds were under pending approval. This was the second time I use money gram and j should've known better, it is the second time my relatives have a nightmare trying to collect their money. NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE MONEY GRAM AND ALL THEY CAUSE ARE HEADACHEA AND MAKE YOU WASTE YOUR TIME!!! And I will not refer money gram to anybody I know, oh and besides calling I emailed them from their website and I have not heard anything from them! Don't waste your time with this horrible carrier!!!

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