I have had a Monitronics Home Security system for 15 years. I have paid my bill on time every month. I personally think as a customer that says a lot. Monitronics recently contacted me and informed me that they needed to update my system and they would have to send someone out. I told them to set it up and I would like it to be done on a Friday due to my work. They set it up and then close to the date of the work they had to cancel. So we worked it out to set it up again. Two days before the work was supposed to be done they cancelled again.

Now I have missed two days of work because of the work I do out of town. I called them back to see if the work was ever going to get done and also asked them for six months of free service to pay me back for work missed. They could not do that. The most they could offer me was two months free which comes up to about seventy six dollars. I was very frustrated after talking to three different people. I would personally think paying them for fifteen years would count for more. This tells me they do not value their long time customers at all or the work they have to do in order to pay their bills on time. I would highly suggest never use this company. I will be changing soon.

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