Folks, I have had enough of Motorola. I purchased, what I thought was a good phone at a reasonable price – the "new" Moto X Premium Edition – customized, the whole nine yards. No problem with getting the order. Problem started when I tried to get a SIM card from Verizon to work in a supposedly "unlocked" phone. I had ordered the phone with a Sprint SIM card, as I thought I would change over. After Verizon came out with a decent plan, I elected to keep them.

Problem started when I tried to get any SIM card to work in the phone. The SIM port is dead. After powering off the phone, inserting any SIM, the phone cannot find any SIM in the phone.

Since I ordered directly from Motorola, I called their Customer Support. What a farce.initially, they were helpful stating that I needed to return the phone for replacement or buy another phone. They would not charge my card, if I returned the defective phone. I elected to NOT tie up any more funds on the phone, I would just send the defective one back and they'd ship me a new one. Hasn't happened yet. They have had the phone for 12 days.

I have chatted with Customer Support via their website. I have called their Customer Support/Tech Support people. I threatened to have my credit card company start proceedings against them for not providing a usable product, even after multiple attempts to resolve the issue. Thus far, these folks are about as responsive as water on a grease fire.

When I finally got a body on the phone, they said they were out of the phones in their warehouse and expected to start shipping replacements on 11/5 or 11/6/15. This is reasonable, as this is a new "to the market" device. Nothing from them stating the device has been shipped or when it might be shipped. When you check the RMA number in their Tracking System, it says the number can't be found. Either they have their customer support system off-line most of the time or they have deleted my record or heaven help us, they actually shipped the thing! I doubt that.

I have worked in IT for many years. Even worked for a cellular provider in IT for several years. This is absolutely the worst service I have ever received from any one regarding anything.

I purchased a family member a new Iphone 6s. A pretty darn good device. Thus far, no problems. Seems Apple knows how to do things right. My opinion of Motorola has gone below zero. Won't buy anything from them or advise anyone to buy anything from them.

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