For the past 5-6 weeks I have had a terrible experience dealing with Motorola support team. First I get a device (Moto X Pure) with frozen screen issues within the first 2 weeks itself. Then I was assured that I would get a replacement. Waited for 3 weeks then called back to check about the status. It turns out there is no record of any such commitment before. When escalated the manager mentioned that I had called a day after the warranty period (15th day) and hence they did not send it. They did not even care to inform me about it.

The story goes on… This time they ask me to pay $30 to replace my device. After multiple attempts they agreed to do the replacement only when I return my device first and then I would get it within 5 business days. More than a week has passed and now I don't even know if my new device was even shipped. The customer support don't know the same. After 3 different complaint numbers and 10 hours on call with customer support, 2 months without a device, I don't have any leads to what's happening with my device. Please, please fix this crap customer service model.

Update 11/14: They say the device (Moto X Pure) is out of stock now and I don't have an ETA when I would be getting it back!!! Again no communication from Motorola. Had to be on call another hour to get this update. Update 11/14: I escalated the issue and finally spoke to one of the managers, and he assured me that I would receive this device by 11/17 or max by 11/18 and he would be personally taking care of this. Update 11/16: Again called the Motorola Repair Escalation Support Team at 1-888-355-8422 to get an update. The same default answer: "Device is out of stock and would be shipped in another 4-5 business days as soon as it arrives." At this point I am virtually without a device for past 2 months (Oct. 2 — today) and I don't believe a word what the support executive says to me after this series of negligence and DO NOT CARE attitude. I need a REFUND immediately or else need the device right at my doorstep within this week.

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