I received my first direct order phone from Motorola in late October. It was a Moto X Pure Edition. Within hours I found that it could not get 4G LTE coverage and 3G wouldn't maintain connection. They blamed US Cellular. I had a representative from US Cellular redo all of the programming and it definitely was NOT their issue. I called Motorola back and the decided to send me a new phone instead of giving me the refund I asked for. I received the new phone and returned the first within 5 days. The new phone worked wonderfully for 7 days then all at once started having the same issue as the first. We immediately called again and were hung up on. We called back and were told that we had to have dropped the phone repeatedly for that to happen.

The phone has NEVER been dropped or handled roughly. I even bought a protective case from them so drops wouldn't affect it. After multiple transfers and horrible treatment by a company I have been loyal to for 11 years, I will never buy from them again. I now have to ship my phone back before they will send me yet another replacement for a phone issue that is clearly due to their lack of quality products. I've never been so disgusted with a company before in my life!

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