My original order for a Moto G (3rd Generation) was cancelled 3 days after I placed the order because Motorola would not ship to the address provided (my workplace) because they "do not ship to business addresses".

I created a new order and entered the shipping address for my home. After waiting 5 days past the 'estimated arrival date' I phoned Motorola, only to find the order had been cancelled a week before. I never received any email or notification that my order was cancelled. The reason?'A discrepancy in identities between my first and second order'. I don't understand how my first order, which was cancelled by Motorola, would have anything to do with my second order. Both phones were ordered by me and were to be sent to me. The original order was to be sent to my workplace which was "unacceptable" and the second to my home. I just wanted the phone shipped to me!

I ended up ordering off of Amazon and got it in 2 days. I was disappointed because I was hoping to use the Motomaker feature and create a custom phone. Ah well.

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