One of their QA/Testers sold a phone marked "Motorola Confidential Property Do Not Sell". The individual put the phone up on eBay using EVERDEALS1. The seller EVERDEALS1 had eBay remove the negative review by me to keep up their rating levels. The phone was represented as "Republic Wireless", but wasn't. The phone appears to be usable by any prepaid phone service. Have docs, installed software by the tester using software by Motorola or its contractors for a Republic Wireless phone. The software testing application BUGS2GO is present and all choices are various Motorola Facilities. The QA logs are still present.

In fact, I sent a request for Motorola to contact me at once. They have failed to do so. Customer care docs from the Motorola Customer Care line I printed as a PDF file. They truly have well trained "customer satisfaction avoidance" personnel. It is no small wonder that Google was able to buy this failed company for ten cents on the dollar. I can forward all docs via email later, as requested. For under $250, they are apparently willing to drag their name into the mud. Sad. The MEID was verified by me, then was later invalidated two weeks after I received it. Neither eBay or Motorola will step up to the plate to properly resolve this issue.

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