Mt Pleasant Michigan Mr Rooter – big rip off! They charge Huge amounts and leave the customer in worse shape than before! Hired to water pressure out drain tile lines – service NOT DONE as machine hung up when the serviceman dug out and rocks as cave in caused the line to plug with rocks and machine got stuck! Not only line not cleaned out but I WAS CHARGED FOR THE HYDRO DRILL TIP THAT THEY GOT STUCK! They dug my yard all up leaving 3 1/2 ft holes open and exposed yet charging me $800.00. They disconnected my drain tiles looking for their tip!!! Tiles still all over yard! They cut off hose and JOB NOT DONE AND IM SUPPOSE TO GET THEIR HOSE Tip Out! I'm a 68 yr old female!

This is a warning. Call anyone else but not Mr. Rooter. Bad reputation… Now stories i hear all over town. Overpriced and charge for work they promise and do not perform… Very poor untrained servicemen! They were here 15 minutes cleaning line and 45 minutes trying to retrieve their drill tip… Then sat in my driveway smoking for an hour and charged me for 3.5 HOURS!!! Just a warning. Do not call this company. It's a franchise that hires unprofessional who don't know what they're doing!!! Ask around. Very bad reputation. See photos of huge holes in my yard they left me with!

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