I have a msi 970a g46, it worked WONDERFULLY with my amd fx8320. Used and loved it. Then, one magical day, it stopped booting, period. Just a black screen. So, I took it a part and tested, and since it was still under warranty, I sent both the processor AND mobo to the respective makers. The4 processor was replaced with a fx8350 BRAND NEW. The mobo? Took A MONTH to come back, why? I dunno, but it got there 3 days after I sent it, and simply sat there I suppose. And… When I got it? The mobo works… But the onboard sound does not… Wtf? I BOUGHT THE MOBO BECAUSE OF THE SOUND CARD After waiting and being without my MAIN computer for almost TWO MONTHS, I decided NOT to rma it again… And instead… Will simply buy another better board from a better manufacturer. This is silly.

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