It has now been over a week that Microsoft Hotmail has blocked my email account for the umpteenth time and they sent me 5 codes to log in and none of the 5 codes worked! I spent over an hour with three "expert techs" from Microsoft who just sent me into one big circle and my email is still blocked! When I need to use my email in Europe in 2013, they blcoked me for using a computer overseas and it was when my father in law was dying! A week later when we returned to America, we discovered my father in law had died the day after Hotmail blocked my email account, so we could not communicate from overseas as phone service was non existent! Now our business, my VA medical, and our regular daily personal business is stuck in Hotmail's greedy big hands! And yes, we are being billed by AT&T and Comcast for internet service! What a scam American big business has become!

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