I phoned Multichoice two months ago regarding my account. We have been paying for a third decoder for the past two years which we don't have and they keep on disconnecting us now for the past two months due to account being in arrears, which in fact we are in credit. After phone calls on a weekly basis, reconnecting on a weekly basis, mails send, nothing has been done. Now we have to phone on a daily basis as they disconnect our service on a daily basis not weekly anymore. I have spoken to numerous Supervisors, numerous consultants, went to a Benoni branch to try and get the account sorted with absolutely no luck. We keep getting messages saying we owe over a R1000.00 and every time its a different amount. I am sitting with an extremely high cellphone bill with phone calls made to Multichoice head office!! To date which is 25 05 2017 its still not sorted, I started with this 24 03 2017. The service has been pathetic and I feel its because we are in credit so now nothing will be done!!!

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