August, 2015, purchased MyCleanPC online. Paid the $19.99, and downloaded to my computer. Had trouble downloading and called the company. Jennie had to give me the Activation Code in order for me to get the program to download. Jenny assured me she would resend the information which contained the activation code. I made 3 more calls inquiring about the email, but never received. Rec'd another $19.95 charge on my account dated late Oct. 2015. Called and Rep said it was a charge for Live Tech Support and I didn't call to cancel after the trial period. First of all, I never received a confirmation email from the initial payment in August. I never agreed to any "Live Tech Support" to begin with.

I was on the phone about this for 45 minutes with "Randy." Randy said she would take all my information so she could close down that part of my account, but she was not authorized to issue a refund on the fraud $19.95 charge in October. She said she would expedite the information to the correct department and they would call me 24 to 72 hours. No call ever called. Had to cancel my credit card to assure no more charges were put through. There is only 1 phone number and an address to contact this company in California. Every time you call, they give you the same run around!

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