Called to make a payment as stated on their mortgage statement = $4300. I was told I could not pay at that time as "attorney fees" would need to be calculated to "reinstate" the mortgage. When I called back they said I now have to pay $9200. They stated that it was now in "foreclosure status." I have never received any notification of a foreclosure, nor was any foreclosure filed with the county, I only received mortgage statements with amount due. I argued with several representatives who would only state I had to pay the full $9200 to prevent foreclosure and there was "fine print" on bill stating to call them since there may be additional charges and fees applicable. No other solutions were offered.

They also stated that any payment submitted would not be accepted, due to pending "foreclosure status." Plain and simple blackmail and extortion! Why issue a mortgage statement with an amount due if it cannot be paid? Foreclosure is a legal filing. How can an account be in a "foreclosure status" when foreclosure documents have yet to be filed, and the owner yet to be notified, charging the owner for attorney fees for a legal action that has not occurred?

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