I paid $5000 at closing, for a refinance with the same bank, when I was promised little to no closing costs.

Closing was delayed multiple times, finally scheduled for a Friday. The notary arrived at my house about 8 PM. As I went through the documents, I had more questions, as this was the first time I'd seen certain documents. For example: a document stating I used certain aliases. No, I haven't. Someone who took my information down incorrectly put it in their system. Again, I was told to roll with it, as it was in my credit file, and there was no way to change it. So Monday evening I finally signed the loan documents. Two weeks later, I had to sign everything again. No explanation of why, or what was incorrect in the original paperwork. Just a call from the bank informing me to do it, and a notary would be contacting me.

I am very happy about the lower interest rate, but the process for getting here was haphazard and less than the professional service I've received the other three times I've completed a mortgage. It was especially frustrating, as the entire process was for the same lender.

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