I wanted to shorten how much time I had left in paying off my loan, save money, and cut my interest rate, so I refinanced my old mortgage with Nationstar. During the refinancing, the originator whom I spoke with initially and who gave me great guidance when discussing my refinancing options was excellent and did a good job. He answered every question and knew what he was talking about.

But the guy who did the documents did not do his job right. He had the documents messed up and cleaned up until the day that we signed the documents. I caught the mistakes he made and we had to correct them. The documents he prepared came to us and these kept saying that we were in the state of California. But I live in the state of Mississippi and I've never been to California in my life. He had documented and title searched the wrong property that we owned. I told him that, but he would not stand corrected on it. I said, "Well, you either fix it or we won't close." But other than that, I've got a lower interest rate and a shorter term on the loan since refinancing with Nationstar, and we're looking to pay off our house even earlier.

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