My loan was originally with GMAC and Nationstar bought them out. It’s convenient but confusing. I was a little confused by being traded off. Closing the deal with them is a very poor process, I think, and I’m still in the process. I have been working with three people from different companies, from GMAC, Nationstar and one that I don’t know. It seems like that didn’t know what they should do. I see no cooperation in them. Result of that is I still don’t have a copy of my loan documents. I paid $1000 hazard insurance fee but I already have one and I thought it was for my escrow. And then I got a $46 check saying overage from Nationstar, and I don’t know where that came from.

The good thing that I like with Nationstar is it was a very good refinance. I got a low interest rate, I got years taken off my loan, I got a lower payment, and I got rid of the mortgage insurance. All those things are wonderful things. I also like Nationstar’s payment methods. I just pay online and no muss, no fuss. My insurance, in fact, has always been paid. But I’m just with this electronic refinancing, its fine as far as being convenient but I don’t like was a third party involved in the whole closing thing and the loop hasn’t really been closed on the paperwork. Up to now I’m not really sure who to go back the trail and make sure I get all of my loan documents.

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