My loan was sold to Nationstar earlier this year. Immediately I started to get phone calls to refinance. I repeatedly told them I wasn't interested (as the house was on the market) and asked them not to call me. Then I started to demand that they not call me. It didn't matter, they kept calling. Also during this time I went online to check my account and noticed that my next payment skipped a month. Why? I tried calling customer service and never got through. I emailed them and asked why my payment showed as due 2 months from now, instead of the next month. The response I got was that "my payment was due 2 months from now." Gee, that's really helpful. Did you even read my question? The house sold 2 weeks ago and I was grateful that I didn't have to deal with this silly company any longer.

Today I get an email, "Your opinion counts!" I clicked on their link to do the 3 minute survey and guess what? I get "There has been an error loading the requested page. Be sure to use the exact URL provided. You are 100% complete." I tried the link again – no go. Figures. I tried their customer service number, can't get through because they don't recognize my phone number, or my SS, or my account number, probably because the loan is paid off. Given the anguish in their reviews on Yelp, I count myself lucky to have only small aggravations in dealing with Nationstar. If they can't do the small things, how do they do the important and complex tasks? They don't.

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