Our loan was sold to Nationstar Mortgage. We did not choose to have a loan with them. At this time they did not pay our property taxes due 10/5/15. When you contact them and choose property taxes as the option through their voice system it tells you that items have to be faxed or emailed. So I faxed all documentation from our country treasurer stating our taxes had not been paid, a copy of my loan statement and a phone number I could be reached at. At this time two weeks later I have not received a single contact from this company.

Today I decided to call and just hit 0 until I got an actual operator. He could not help me and put me in the queue for the tax department which stated "We are receiving a high volume of calls." My guess would be because there are others who's property taxes were not paid either. Normally when your loan is sold they receive your escrow funds in order to pay the taxes. So where are they? On my statement it states there is not enough funds to pay what we owe in taxes so I would love to know where the escrow money went. It can truly be unfortunate when your loan is sold it could go either way, you could get a great loan company or this place.

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