I am from a different estate also run by Natrent and had heard the horror stories before. As I had lived in the apartment for 6 years and they had never done any repainting and it was due they decided to put all that on my account yet on the day I surrendered the keys all they did was to clean up a the cupboards and do a cupboard door repair and the new tenants moved in immediately. When I moved in I had asked Meta to take note that the carpets where dirty as the contractors had been occupying my apartment during the construction period. Also they had cracked a shower glass panel which for the love of God did not fall off and injure any of my family members. All was charged to me as soon as I asked for my deposit back. I was in the apartment from 2011 to 2017 and considered myself to have been very neat for them to even be able to have the next tenant move in on the same day. It is known that Natrent is currently changing all carpeting for tiles as it is more economical for them and of cause rental purposes. As soon as I asked when my deposit would be paid out, Marie decided to say to me I am in a lot of trouble and my ITC will be tarnished. No one I know has had a happy experience when it comes to deposit pay back from Natrent. Even if you try and repaint their walls they will find an excuse not to pay. Lately people have just moved out without giving notice as a result and even those that give notice and wait to submit all the relevant keys and tags are subdued to equal if not more of the horror.
If it was so bad how did the new tenant manage to move in on the same day I surrendered the keys.

They pride themselves in 24 hour security yet tenants get robbed in the complex and are expected to fix the doors themselves as that was one of the charges that was listed.

I will go nation wide and let all current and future natrent tenants know. This is the second of the platforms.

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