I have had multiple horrible experiences with Navient since they bought Sallie Mae. I asked about lowering monthly payments while experiencing some financial difficulty. I answered many many questions about my personal expenses, income, etc in order to qualify for a payment plan. I was told I qualify, authorized a direct debt, and thought all was well. Then weeks later was getting repeated calls from Navient. When I spoke with someone I was told that my account wasn't current. I was told that the repayment plan didn't receive manager approval and I was now in default on the payments. They were very unhelpful when I told them I signed up and was told I was enrolled in the program. They said under terms and conditions it had to still be approved by a manager. He said it didn't look like it was submitted correctly. I asked why I should be negatively impacted because the employee didn't submit it correctly.

I asked to re-enroll and then was told I needed to answer all the same financial questions I answered weeks prior. I spend hours on the phone trying to set this up. I was then re-enrolled. I authorized direct payment deductions. I received a letter in the mail confirming the direct debit of payments on the new payment plan. 3 weeks later I received another letter notifying me that I was not eligible for the payment plan after a manager denied approval. Then I started to receive calls harassing me that I am 49 days late on payments. I tried to explain I paid what was agreed upon.

I spoke to a manager who told me it is my responsibility to pay my bills on time. When I told her I am having financial difficulty she said maybe you need to sell your home and buy one you can afford. She was very rude and judgment. My credit score has taken a hit because of this as well. This is the worst company I have dealt with ever! I have collectively spoken to countless rude representatives during this process. I am searching for alternative companies to handle my loans.

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