I have not received the same type of positive servicing on Student loans through Sallie Mae now Navient as I have with ACS. I am called several times a time, often they hang up when I answer. Navient uses people in the Philippines to call and try and collect. I've complained for years about Florida Metropolitan University and about a loan that never should have occurred only to find out that the student is held to a higher degree of accountability than the schools or the lender?

Asked for a special deferment status until the lawsuit regarding students of the now closed Corinthian colleges and answer is NO Bring loan current. No response wherein I wanted to know how they believe they should be paid before the loans for University of Phoenix which are thru ACS and legitimate. God Help Me, Navient drives me crazy with their incessant calling even when you have asked them to at least not called at certain days and times. Hoping the class action lawsuit and other investigations reveal just how greedy and corrupt Navient is.

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