Navient is seriously mismanaging my PRIVATE LOAN account. They are being neglectful to the point that it is damaging my credit when I have my full efforts to make payments while still being unemployed. Why doesn't Navient employees have any accountability for managing an account ethically and honestly. I have made two payments these past few weeks. However, I received a private collection notice in the mail last Friday???

One payment made for 200.00 "mailed" on 10/2/2015 with cashiers counter check (documented online on 10/8/2015). One for 76.91 paid through online account on 11/2/2015. So although I made efforts for payments, NAVIENT turned me into private collections. How is this NOT GOING TO DAMAGE MY CREDIT, which will hinder me getting a full time job to make larger payments??? Your methods are very counter productive to your own company and you don't seem to be able to "manage" student loan accounts very efficiently.

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