Navient is the worst!!! I have had so many lost payments and payments that were not applied correctly. I emailed them asking where 4 payments, yes 4 payments, have not been applied to the acct. They said they did not get them and to send in copies of checks and I have been thru this with them many times. It is a nightmare! Believe it or not 3 of the 4 payments were credited the next day. Navient did ACH withdrawal on the checks and one of the checks had crossed out my acct# and put another acct# on it!

I sent in all payments with the acct# and the primary's name on each loan payment and I printed the loan summary from each loan and sent with payment and sent it to the correct address. I checked my acct and looked at the copies of the checks and one of the checks they crossed off my acct# and wrote another acct# on the check. I also have a recorded message from a rep from Navient. He did not know he was on voicemail. I did not answer his call and he was saying how payments were posted on different days and the system is messed up. Even the customer service reps admit it! They need to be shut down!

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