After reading all the negative reviews, I decided to return my item which I purchased online, in person. I was met by a very nice gentleman who asked a customer service specialist to help me. She cheerfully walked me to a private alcove where she scanned my packing slip, and immediately gave me a return receipt, which is credited to the account I used to purchase the item. She then offered me a bottle of water, and some packaged cookies to sip and munch while I was browsing in the store. I walked out of the store feeling delighted with their service, and can't understand why the other reviewers had so many problems. On the back of my packing slip, their return policy is very clear, and they processed my return exactly as they said they would. I live about an hour away from the nearest Neiman Marcus store, so I usually shop online. This is the first time I had to return anything. The SurePost return label is free, but you don't get a drop off receipt, and that is the only thing I don't like.

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