Dear Netflix

I cannot remember being so angry!!! I have been a member of Netflix paying my subscription on a regular monthly basis by direct debit for years and you have the audacity to question my validity!!!

I was asked three times to repeat my password to sign in tonight. Never before have I signed in..

I am a senior and have terrible arthritis in my hands and its another tiny keyboard to navigate.

You then tell me to change it. I do that on my computer. Your email says it is changed. I go back to my TV.

It refuses to recognise the new password. Two hours have now been wasted.

My whole evening is ruined thanks to you.! I cannot watch Netflix which I am loyally paying for.

Your CEO was interviewed last week on TV. Very revealing.

I shall now write to him.

If I am, on this end of my email answering you, and at the TV, which receives your service, then for God's sake accept that not everyone is under twenty and computer literate nor can they handle today's technology '

Please take this as my authority to identify myself and don't give me any more grief.

Ask me security questions which only I know. Does that not make more sense than what you have just put me through??? Banks are far more vulnerable but far more advanced and updated. Take some advice from their websites.

I look forward to your reply


Pia Turner

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