Ll the movies suggested to me are the ones that I don't want!!! I can not even search for what I would like to watch, any more. For example, with an old interface, if I wanted a documentary on art, I would find it right away. Now I have to spend so much time reading the titles that I don;t want to watch and your don't even get a description any more. That was the other most valuable feature Netflix use to have.
I could not agree more with this comment:
The concept of Netflix is a great one; the user interface is a convoluted mess! Somebody must have just learned how to use Javascript and is now infatuated with it to the point of absurdity! That novice employee along with his/her supervisor or manager should be fired! They have no common sense.

Now t

It is now impossible to use the interface with any ease whatsoever. It was FAR BETTER years ago when it was without all the damned Javascript gimmicks! I don't need those idiots telling me things like "… Because you watched so-and-so…". It should be up to USERS to view what's available so that USERS can decide for themselves what they want to watch.

Now this kills Netflix, big time:
Netflix's method of grouping things by carefully-worded headings is nothing more than gathering psychological profil

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