All of these complaints about Netgear actually made me feel better, because I thought that I had really screwed up and gave access to some scammers posing as Netgear support. All of the stories reflect what I experienced. I can get the internet without the router, but not with the router. I never had any issues before, but they insisted that the issue was my stupidity in not paying for a good network security program. They said that I was spending too much on computer security programs like Norton, which they claim did little to protect me. However, for $119, they could rescue me. I said that I wanted to shop around, so could they tell me the name of their product and the refused. They told me that for just talking to them, I should pay them $145, but I never say any billing information nor agreed to pay for any support. This is why I thought that it was a scam artist trying to look like Netgear support. But, based on these stories. I was probably just dealing with typical Netgear.

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