I bought this router because my internet speed was too slow but at this point I rather have a slow speed than have to call NETGEAR again. I'm currently on hold with them and have been for almost an hour. This is after I hung up yesterday because I was fed up with holding for over TWO HOURS. All I need is for them to change the NAT type from type 3 to type 2.

EVERY TIME you call them the robot can't understand you then they transfer you to a rep that you can't understand then they put you on hold for over an hour because for some reason they never have more than two reps that can help people at once. This is my 4th time calling in less than a month. Every call lasts up to two hours. Plus the fact they can't even help you unless you add a $80 plan to your box which I find ridiculous. Get more reps than just two and have it so they can actually fix my problems. Probably making loads of money off people because they can't fix anything the first time.

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