In December of 2014 I bought a Netgear C3000 WiFi Cable Modem Router. Paid just over $100.- and it died after 10 months.
I called Netgear & I may as well have been talking to a wall.
I will never ever buy another Netgear product nor will I recommend Netgear to anyone. On the contrary, I will trash this company every chance I get. I don't want to deal with any company who has such a poor customer service. IMO, there is nothing more important than customer service.
Not only that, when I Googled Netgear tech support I thought it was Netgear but turned out to be a company called Cyberworx. Stay away from them too. I foolishly bought a 2yr service contract for $350.- Unfortunately they are not always answering the phone for tech support.
So long Netgear & Cyberworx!

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